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Thank you everyone, especially those that stayed with me through the years.
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Javier Tapia Valdes
Javier Tapia Valdes 11 саат мурун
So you made this video because you made 1mil sub so I think it will be a good idea to make a video of you hiting 2 mil sub
Darius Hancer
Darius Hancer 17 саат мурун
I love Micheal so much your cool Micheal ps I'm actually a dumass kid When I'm a adult ill still wear my skull t shirt and live in my mom ad step dad Billy Micheal you rider have Billy ass your step dad I love you Micheal
Elton Shuttleworth
Elton Shuttleworth Күн мурун
I love your stories they’re true there’s nothing stranger supernatural all that makes them totally unbelievable annoyed that calling Ming his stories are so unbelievable and they’re so not true
Erin The Demonhog
Erin The Demonhog Күн мурун
I saw Michael leaving a Long John Silver's with a box of crumbs during my vacation last year
Polo Taylor
Polo Taylor Күн мурун
I’m not stupid Michael stepdad
difil dops
difil dops 2 күн мурун
imaigin if michael joined the brew crew
Miloš Markovic
Miloš Markovic 2 күн мурун
Geo 3 күн мурун
I mean you talk alot of shit about Cofy
Luka milosevich
Luka milosevich 3 күн мурун
Taco boss
Taco boss 4 күн мурун
Wait a minute hold up it's been a whole year what
Monja Čamđic
Monja Čamđic 4 күн мурун
toni gomes
toni gomes 5 күн мурун
I saw tommy in isle 12B
Joseph Alain Mulolo Faraja
Joseph Alain Mulolo Faraja 5 күн мурун
When you realize micheal is in the chat
Landon Garcia
Landon Garcia 5 күн мурун
Why are you a cord in your car
Xxavir Amezquita
Xxavir Amezquita 5 күн мурун
Michael has a youtube channel to it is called Michael
IamABigNoob555 5 күн мурун
1:50 made me die laughing because I live in wisconsin and its all a bunch of bs here
Toa st
Toa st 6 күн мурун
I have more subs
Argana 9 күн мурун
His alright were inspired by the teacher that kept on saying alirght
q 9 күн мурун
I love Xbox party’s about cum
Juani Tejeda
Juani Tejeda 10 күн мурун
So many pepole
Ethan Pae
Ethan Pae 10 күн мурун
3:06 can we have a vid abt how the video making process? Thx dude
Brady King
Brady King 6 күн мурун
This is what he does 3:23
MrPicklePop 10 күн мурун
Who wants to go back to school shopping
Sherlan Mamaril
Sherlan Mamaril 12 күн мурун
Hey brew stew ,? Talk to him 😅
Sherlan Mamaril
Sherlan Mamaril 12 күн мурун
Wheres michael??????!!!
Dr. Noobington
Dr. Noobington 12 күн мурун
Couldn’t you just name it brew’s crew films
Śnom 12 күн мурун
That first comment had me dying
Disconnected Studios
Disconnected Studios 13 күн мурун
U got hate comments too?
Lilah Tyler
Lilah Tyler 13 күн мурун
Go to Michael's house in real life so we get to see you and Michael in the flesh
Brady King
Brady King 5 күн мурун
@Kold Gold doubt he would still live there
Kold Gold
Kold Gold 5 күн мурун
@Brady King He saying next to his old house
Brady King
Brady King 12 күн мурун
How would he know where he lives?
Denisse Gonzalez
Denisse Gonzalez 15 күн мурун
Luis 😂🤣🤣😂😂🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙂😂😂🤣🤣
• poan •
• poan • 16 күн мурун
Do you remember his last name????
The Cubanator
The Cubanator 16 күн мурун
Adam Waugh
Adam Waugh 17 күн мурун
Only have one question what happened to Michael's mom why is he living only with his stepdad
Kold Gold
Kold Gold 5 күн мурун
@Brady King Yeah the neighborhood argument video
Brady King
Brady King 12 күн мурун
He has a mom,he mentions her in a video
Pixel 1
Pixel 1 13 күн мурун
Because his mom abandoned him and he's living with the step father
Mike 14 күн мурун
I've only just noticed that now you said it
Italia Edwards
Italia Edwards 18 күн мурун
Pradana Angga
Pradana Angga 21 күн мурун
i still cant find that first comment this pains me until this very day
Dylan Lasater
Dylan Lasater 23 күн мурун
Wait how was this more than one year ago?
Brady King
Brady King 23 күн мурун
Maybe Michael is secretly married to Lindsay Lohan
Valerie Mullins
Valerie Mullins 24 күн мурун
Ouch my name is Stewart Dylan Mullins I don’t suck dick for a living
scp:6000 Oakley
scp:6000 Oakley 26 күн мурун
Coin Man
Coin Man 26 күн мурун
I live in Wisconsin.
James Kinjerski
James Kinjerski 27 күн мурун
1:49 pls do
Dominic gutierrez
Dominic gutierrez 28 күн мурун
Beacore i saw this video I got a unskipeble add
Carlos Miguel
Carlos Miguel 28 күн мурун
I never realized he always said "alright"
Vanilla Mexican
Vanilla Mexican 29 күн мурун
2 years later from now. Tyler makes a episode where he runs into Micheal
The Unknown Eric
The Unknown Eric Ай мурун
Bro this guy deserves more subs
Ian Lopez
Ian Lopez Ай мурун
Are you family friendly
Ian Lopez
Ian Lopez Ай мурун
Why do you always curse
Brady King
Brady King 12 күн мурун
Because he fucking can
Kayden Mcwilliams
Kayden Mcwilliams Ай мурун
Happy 1 million subs
Kaleb Key
Kaleb Key Ай мурун
Face reveal now!!!!!!!
Brady King
Brady King 12 күн мурун
He has already shown his face
Landon Shue
Landon Shue Ай мурун
you dont do shitty cartoons the carttons are fucking funny and good
Braden Booth
Braden Booth Ай мурун
Simulations ringtone.
Damian Carreon
Damian Carreon Ай мурун
i need to know what michael looked lkke
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez Ай мурун
Lol I’m actually going to Wisconsin
Bethany Auble
Bethany Auble Ай мурун
You should've done a clip show
Selgonz_ Ytシ
Selgonz_ Ytシ Ай мурун
R.I.P Adobe flash😔
Lolgan Saucey
Lolgan Saucey Ай мурун
“Get adobe flash” *ok*
WaffleMelon Ай мурун
I just imagine him starting his vows with "Alright"
Nick Perro
Nick Perro Ай мурун
Plot twist: Michael grew up to be Dream
Dead Lotus
Dead Lotus Ай мурун
So, what are you going to do since Adobe dropkicked Flash into the toilet and flushed?
Brady King
Brady King Ай мурун
Well he made a video in 2021 hasn't he?
Brew Micheal
Brew Micheal Ай мурун
Hey look I have a green shirt on! And my dumbass is wiping my ass on my other dumbass friend.
Drifty boi
Drifty boi Ай мурун
Question:do you still talk to your friend david
TheSmallGamer Ай мурун
Makes me somewhat sad that he doesn't talk to Michael anymore but you can't blame the man
Stuart Cook
Stuart Cook Ай мурун
🙁 my name's stuart
Brady King
Brady King Ай мурун
Sucks to suck ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Bethany Auble
Bethany Auble Ай мурун
Wow what a occasion
Keyboard Knight
Keyboard Knight Ай мурун
Ok I have to say it you deserve more like wtf how does the odd1sout get more then you come on he's to overrated 😒
Brady King
Brady King Ай мурун
I like the odd1sout but yeah brewstew is way better
Brady King
Brady King Ай мурун
633 people are named Stewart
No_Channel Nameシ
No_Channel Nameシ Ай мурун
My mums boyfriend was named Stewart
UrAvgGamer Ай мурун
I just came from the el dentist video😄
Erik Andersson
Erik Andersson Ай мурун
You really need to tell us the day Michael call you back! 😅😂 Btw, thanks for all the videos, real good and funny! 🤣👌
Tik Tok Central
Tik Tok Central Ай мурун
Any day now seen 1 year ago and still posts
Alex MacDonald
Alex MacDonald Ай мурун
I’m a big fan of you
Merry San
Merry San Ай мурун
Just started watching brewstew like 3 days ago cuz it was on my recommendation...I’m telling myself I should’ve start watching it wayyyy sooner.
Big Spaghetti
Big Spaghetti Ай мурун
Whats your real name
Big Spaghetti
Big Spaghetti Ай мурун
@Brady King you are very funny
Big Spaghetti
Big Spaghetti Ай мурун
@Brady King You dont have to see my face its falled figure of speech and you didnt acknowledge that i called you a perfectionist you really taking perfectionist as a compliment Ok then
Big Spaghetti
Big Spaghetti Ай мурун
@Brady King please just move on
Big Spaghetti
Big Spaghetti Ай мурун
@Brady King see im so good at standing my ground
Brady King
Brady King Ай мурун
@Big Spaghetti well I can't see your face so I don't know
Reee Snuffles
Reee Snuffles Ай мурун
But what happened to brewer tho
Jasebeeks Playz
Jasebeeks Playz Ай мурун
TheTaster Ай мурун
My dad’s name is Stuart
Da Boss
Da Boss Ай мурун
POV: you just checked to see if he started the video with “alright”
Mohammad M
Mohammad M Ай мурун
Fuck you michael you dumbass
robertariasjr13 Ай мурун
Not anymore Adobe flash is gone.
Ten cents is here
Ten cents is here Ай мурун
Hes using a modern version of flash called adobe animate
Mtn Dew Son!
Mtn Dew Son! Ай мурун
Where is micheal he might be in asile 12B or asile 11B or asile 10B IDK HELP
Michael Chaco the destroyer of food
Michael Chaco the destroyer of food Ай мурун
Sergio Nunez
Sergio Nunez Ай мурун
Did any of your friends get mad after this cartoons anyway is real funny i remember having friends like that
Sergio Nunez
Sergio Nunez Ай мурун
Whatever happen to michael brewyer tommy or bethany and david
Brady King
Brady King Ай мурун
Did you not watch the full video,he answered the Michael question
Chicoz Ай мурун
4:06 Adult Michael lol
Zion Blanketface
Zion Blanketface Ай мурун
whats michaels last name?
Crunchy ツ
Crunchy ツ Ай мурун
Sangeetha Gamage
Sangeetha Gamage Ай мурун
10 million subs :- call Michael
Brady King
Brady King Ай мурун
Yeah I would keep the number of someone I haven't talked to in 20 years wouldn't you.
SophiaPlayz Ай мурун
he gettin close to 2 million edit: i personally think you shouldve been a bit less mean to Micheal as you depict in your vids, clearly he already has a very toxic father and grew up in a horrible home enviournment, i personally would try to be as supportive as possible, and also maybe call him up and ask him about his dad, find out what was really going on there, this isnt a hate comment btw (atleast i hope it isnt), but im just saying
Brady King
Brady King Ай мурун
I see your point, although he definitely doesn't have his number and if he did he probably would have called him since everyone wanted to know what happened
slowpoison Ай мурун
Love you Tyler
Alien Octopus
Alien Octopus Ай мурун
Waitin on the 2,000,000 mark
Gt Ай мурун
When ur binging brewstew
Brittany Bryant
Brittany Bryant Ай мурун
You should have Michael in the face with his dad right in front of him
Melissa Kohler
Melissa Kohler Ай мурун
Do you still talk to your dad
Nathanplays Xboxone
Nathanplays Xboxone Ай мурун
This video didn’t age well now that flash is gone
Saman Sheikh
Saman Sheikh Ай мурун
Rip adobe flash
Hev_in 99
Hev_in 99 Ай мурун
What happen to micheal and do you talk to him
Brady King
Brady King Ай мурун
Watch. The. Video.
Jansen Yu
Jansen Yu Ай мурун
Why do you keep saying fuck
Brady King
Brady King Ай мурун
Why do humans exists?
Pz Ай мурун
I really like this goddamn dirty little bastard Michael!!!
Sylas Martin
Sylas Martin Ай мурун
Wat happend to micheal bring micheal back
DjStiv3 Ай мурун
Extremely admirable to not have tons of ads or sponsors and waste time dude. Jesus, very humble imo.
memes mesa
memes mesa Ай мурун
flash is gone how he going to make video
Brady King
Brady King Ай мурун
Adobe premiere
rusty paperclip productions YT
rusty paperclip productions YT Ай мурун
I hate green shirt Michael
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